STIK spreader sticker

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California, United States
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Available in 1 Liter and 200 Liter containers.


STIK is a superior multipurpose spray adjuvant that works as a spreader, skicker and extender-97. 6% active ingredients

STIK is a superior multi-purpose spray adjuvant that works in three important ways:

As a Spreader:  The unique, high quality formulation assures full, even coverage of leaf surfaces before the spray material adheres to the plant.  STIK has proven to spread the pesticide over the entire plant surface before it sticks, in contrast to resin-based stickers which tend to bead-up before adhering, leaving uncovered areas of plant surfaces vulnerable to desease and pest attack.

As a Sticker:  The formulation is designed to hold spray materials on plant surfaces, protecting your plant protections materials from rain, dews and loss caused by leaf friction.  STIK should be used in situations where thorough coverage and increased retention or "weatherability" is required.

As an Extender:  STIK will prevent premature loss of pesticide efficacy caused by environmental conditions.  STIK will not extend the pesticidal activity beyond its intended use period.  No interference with pre-harvest intervals.

Other features include:

  • High analysis - STIK is 97.6% active by weight.  This means that a small amount of STIK goes a long way.
  • Easy to use - pours freely, immeditely soluble...goes into solution...not just suspension.
  • The solvent which carries the sticker over the plant surface evaporates at about the same rate as water, leaving a weatherproof, uniform coverage on leaf surfaces.
  • The hydrophillic properties of STIK are re-activated whe STIK is exposed to fog, heavy dew or light rain.  This rewetting affords "new coverage" by redistributing the active ingredient on fast growing leaf surfaces.
  • The rewetting feature of STIK reduces the need to reapply pesticide sprays to include new growth on plants.
  • In scientific lab evaluations, STIK has been shown to provide superior rain fastness when compared to resin-based stickers.
  • STIK does not form a sticky, elastic film which can coat the internal components of grower spray units.
  • STIK does not encapsulate the pesticide which can possibly cause residue problems and inhibit the pesticide from performing properly.
  • STIK